Bittersweet Café Introduces Its Own Micro-Batched Bittersweet Origins Coffee

Today, Bittersweet is announcing the launch of its own micro-batched, locally roasted coffees.  Just as the company has taken the hand-crafted approach to chocolate, it is now doing the same for a line of coffees.  This coffee is roasted in the Berkeley production facility by an expert coffee maker and the coffees will be sold in the three Bittersweet Cafes as well as online.

Bittersweet is creating espresso, drip (both blend and single bean) and decaf using beans from Kenya, Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Sumatra.

choc and coffee
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As Penny Finnie, co-owner of Bitttersweet puts it:  “Our coffees follow the same hands-on approach we use for our Bittersweet Origins chocolate bars, This is another amazing varietal product and we are taking the same interest in the farms and cooperatives where the coffee beans are grown as we do with our cacao sourcing.”

Thought you would be interested to learn of this new offering.  Bittersweet is one of very few companies offering micro-batched coffee.

About Bittersweet  Origins and Café
Bittersweet Origins is a manufacturing and retailing company which creates craft chocolate and coffee in handmade, micro-batches to engage the senses and the mind.  Bittersweet Café retail stores’ ambience and furnishings reflect the one-of-a-kind nature of its chocolate bars, chocolate drinks and coffees.  The warm and welcoming spaces furnished with unique tables, benches, carts and artwork from local craftspeople and artists create a gathering place for the community to savor locally made chocolate delicacies, coffee and tea.  The Bittersweet Cafes are located in San Francisco on Fillmore Street, College Avenue in Oakland and the Rose Garden Shopping Center in Danville.  For more information, visit or call 510-705-1860.