Blame it on the Summer

img_04543There is something about the summertime that makes me feel frisky. I yearn to be constantly outside basking in the warm sunshine, breathing in the fresh air, and listening to the birds chirp. Afternoons are properly spent with friends watching the world go by, on the beach, or lounging in front of the house in the driveway with the garage door open. Whichever activity chosen, however, hunger and thirst are guaranteed to quickly rear their ugly heads and the topic of conversation always becomes, “Who brought the snacks?”. Everyone looks at each other and there begins a series of “Not-It” style games because everyone’s hungry and thirsty, yet no one wants to be the one to who has to do anything about it.

The quickest fix for the unlucky individual designated “It”, is to offer a snack that satisfies both the hunger and the thirst urges, while still catering to the extravagant summertime cravings that afflict us. Desert Pepper Trading Co’s Mint Chocolate Frozen Bucket does exactly this. The extra special summer surprise for those over 21? You add alcohol. Oh yes. This is a make-in-your-own-freezer ice cream cocktail that is smooth, refreshing, and packs a punch. Every time you put the glass down you will instantly want to pick it back up, so trust me, save yourself the effort and just hold on to it.

img_04531The Mint Chocolate frozen cocktail has just the right hint of mint and chocolate that is tempered by an addicting, creamy sweetness. The alcohol pleasurably compliments the drink without overwhelming the luxurious flavor. The recipe recommends using vodka, however, we tried mixing it with white rum and the result was an exquisite summer evening treat. So, if you’re all grown up and still running after the neighborhood ice ream truck (ahem – like I did two days ago), try this instead. It’s a sure thing.