Sep 172014
Coffee + Ice Cream = One Tasty Treat

It’s getting hotter outside and sometimes, you just don’t want to settle for a fruity Popsicle. Perhaps you’d like to combine your love of coffee with a frozen dessert. If this is the case, you may want to consider making coffee-flavored ice cream sandwiches. Below you will find a recipe for this unique ice cream treat. Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches (this recipe makes 8 servings) Ingredients 4 ounces butter or margarine (room temperature) 2 ounces caster sugar 2 tablespoons instant coffee 4 ounces flour 16 ounces coffee ice cream 2 tablespoons cocoa powder Icing Sugar Directions 1) Lightly grease 2 [read more…]

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Nov 042012
Single-Cup Coffee Brewers

For some people, they’d like to experience the freshest cup of coffee in the least amount of time. The drip coffee makers of yesterday are good at brewing more than one cup of Joe, but are less useful for single-cup drinkers. Today, the market is filled with plenty of options for coffee makers that make just one cup. While some are fancier than others, below are a few selections that satisfy a range of budgets. The Keurig Brewing System Accommodating varying coffee cup sizes (including travel mugs), a popular brand in single cup brewing is Keurig. One cup of coffee [read more…]

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Sep 152012
Introducing Starbucks Refreshers Beverages

Not everyone wants to fill up with the traditional cup of coffee when they wish to rejuvenate their energy levels, and the popular chain, Starbucks, is now offering three different ways to boost your ability to get-up-and-go. Harnessing the natural energy of green coffee extract, Starbucks is making a move in the energy drink market. While coffee extract is used in the making of the beverages, there is no coffee taste – so fruit lovers will certainly be pleased. Fresh Handcrafted Drinks A quick trip to Starbucks brings you closer to a handcrafted low-calorie beverage made with fresh ingredients, such [read more…]

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Oct 282011
Krispy Kreme Signature Coffees

When most people hear the brand, Krispy Kreme®, they tend to envision soft melt-in-your-mouth glazed doughnuts. Now, the company would like you to get acquainted with their specially blended coffees. In September, Krispy Kreme® recently launched three crafted Signature Coffee Blends in some of their locations in the United States and Canada. All made from 100% Arabica beans, you can choose between the following options: Krispy Kreme Signature House Blend – With a smooth, medium-bodied taste, this Latin American blend will probably speak best to the coffee drinker that has more than their fair share of cups every day. Krispy [read more…]

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Oct 262011
Seasonal K-Cup Flavors for Autumn

Are you looking to take a break from your usual K-Cup flavors? The seasonal changes of autumn not only make it the perfect time of the year to warm up with a cup of coffee, but also gives you a chance to sample delicious holiday flavors. Keurig is a brewing system that offers a single cup of coffee in less than 60 seconds. The convenience and appeal of the maker centers on the use of a K-Cup – small containers of sealed coffee that fit into the machine. Over the years, an increasing number of K-Cup options have emerged, including [read more…]

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Sep 152011
Homemade Gluten Free Coffee Cake

When you hear coffee cake, the first image that probably enters your mind is Drakes coffee cakes. Well, there are a variety of ways to make this cake and this is not the typical one though. You will use actual coffee or Endangered Species Coffee Candy in this recipe. To make it gluten free white or brown rice flour is usually the best bet for baking. COFFEE The first step of course, is to brew the coffee. It can be any flavor that you desire: from vanilla, mocha, french vanilla, espresso, to anything else. If you rather just use the candy all [read more…]

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Sep 052011

When a customer receives a drink from Starbucks it is your number one pit stop for coffees, teas, and desserts. It’s a triple combo all in one!  From their commitment to serving the highest quality coffee in the world, you are truly going to enjoy everything from that coffee bean smell to that first sip. DESSERTS Starbucks does have a gluten free dessert option. It’s called Valencia orange cake. This delicious gluten free cake has a moist, delicate, tender texture. It is a refreshingly light cake with blends of almonds and premium Valencia oranges. All of its ingredients include whole eggs, almond, [read more…]

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Mar 122011
Frappe This!

Barristas are setting up their blenders and drink machines in preparation for the summer frozen coffee season. But for a bit of coffee, milk and ice, we are paying what it costs for a pound of coffee at the grocery store. Why buy, when you can make them at home? This is a good way to control not only your costs, but your calories. Where a cup of coffee shop frappe can up upwards of 700 calories for an extra large, by using artificial sweetener, the only calories here are in the milk. You’ll need to make a pot of [read more…]

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