May 242012
In the Spotlight: Homestead Favorites

Today, I’d like to introduce you to “Homestead Favorites”, a ranch with a long history, going back almost 150 years and 6 generations! In 1849, John Carsten Grupe, embarked on a sailing vessel which brought him on the long voyage around Cape Horn to California. The young man had been attracted to the coast by gold prospects, later turned his attention to freighting to the mine fields from Stockton to Mokelume Hill. After a few years, he began a very successful agricultural career in the Linden area. This pioneering family established a diverse and very successful farm raising fruits, vegetables, [read more…]

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Jul 062011
Power of Fruit® Launches Frozen Fruit Bars Into Wegmans Chain

Great news, everyone! Wegmans shoppers can cool off with Power of Fruit bars this summer. On June 25 top sellers Power of Fruit’s BananaBerry and Original flavors were launched in the Nature’s Market Place section of each of their 77 stores. “Wegmans is known for its fresh produce and that is where Power of Fruit fits in. POF bars are just fresh fruit – chopped up and frozen,” said Marcia Blackwell, Marketing Director at Power of Fruit. Carrying Power of Fruit bars is just another example of Wegmans commitment to healthy eating.” This Wegmans announcement follows the inclusion of Power [read more…]

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Jun 202011
Butter Lane Cupcakes

I am delighted to introduce you to Butter Lane Cupcakes! I know we mentioned them in one of our previous articles about The Most Popular Bakeries in New York City but, this time, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Maria Baugh, one of the co-owners of Butter Lane Cupcakes. How did it all start? Whose idea was it? Two friends (Pam Nelson and Linda Lea) and I had been talking for some time about starting a business together, but we were all so busy in our jobs that there was no way we could realistically do it. Only when [read more…]

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Jun 202011
Organic Desserts from Amy's Kitchen

Have you ever tried organic desserts? They are so fresh and tasty! Amy’s Kitchen (which we mentioned in a previous post about gluten free desserts), is a popular company that has amazing organic choices! ORGANIC DESSERTS There’s an apple pie with juicy organic apples and juice concentrate. It is lightly sweetened, baked in a tender butter crust made with organic whole wheat, rice, and tapioca flour. It is sweetened with honey. They do list allergens and this product contains wheat and milk. Next you have a chocolate cake, which is moist, light and, simply, irresistible. Some ingredients include organic wheat flour and [read more…]

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Mar 202011
Twinings, Shaping Tea Traditions

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Twinings. About Twinings Since 1706, creating the perfect balance of flavor, taste, and aroma has been this company’s pride! During all these years, Twinings has introduced new tea trends and has helped millions of tea lovers find their favorite blend! It has brought families together and witnessed new family traditions. Blends & Flavors Twinings teas come in a variety of choices. Here are 10 of the most popular ones in no order whatsoever: Earl Grey Green & Camomile Green Tea Ultra Spice Chai English Breakfast Lemon Twist Mixed Berry Peppermint Organic Irish Breakfast French Vanilla [read more…]

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Feb 042011
Sip-t Tea Company

I was browsing the net the other day and I found this tea company called Sip-t. So I decided to feature them! Here is what I found out! Sip-t Tea Co. is owned by a mother/daughter team who hand craft artisan teas out of the finest available organic and fair trade ingredients forming delectable, unique teas with a focus on quality, the environment, and their community. Sip-T began from one recipe and now the pair boasts 15 unique and amazing teas that they hand produce in beautiful Bellingham, WA. Each tea begins with hand sourcing the ingredients, assuring each has [read more…]

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Oct 052010
Street Sweets & Food Network Magazine are announcing The Scharffen Berger 'Chocolate Adventure Contest'

Street Sweets and Food Network Magazine are partnering to promote The Sharffen Berger ‘Chocolate Adventure Contest’. If you like cupcakes and love to bake, you can win a top prize of $10,000 (total cash prizes of $20,000) and chance to fly to New York City to bake and share your cupcake from a beloved Sweet Truck.  The winning recipe would also be published in an upcoming edition of Food Network Magazine. Please go to to learn more about this fun exciting contest. In mid October, keep a look out for the special Sharffen Berger / Food Network Magazine /Street Sweets truck handing lots of delicious [read more…]

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Apr 122010
Most Popular Bakeries in New York City

A lot has been said about New York City’s most popular bakeries. But things change on a yearly basis, so let’s see who’s baking the most delicious desserts in NYC this year! In random order! If your favorite is not on the list, leave us a comment! We’d love to hear your nominations! *** MAGNOLIA BAKERY– is often credited with starting the modern day cupcake craze with their signature pastel colored, buttercream-frosted versions. Magnolia Bakery specializes in old fashioned baked goods including red velvet cake, icebox cake, and banana pudding. Location: With four bustling store fronts –two of which have opened in the [read more…]

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