Jul 172012
Healthy Green Tea and Plum Smoothie

Green tea leaves are the dried leaves of the tea plant, which contain less caffeine than black tea because they do not undergo the fermentation process. For centuries, the health benefits of green tea have been known and utilized by the Chinese and Japanese. Green tea is good for the heart, skin and boosting energy levels. From lowering cholesterol levels to cancer prevention, green tea leaves contain natural antioxidants that translate into healthier living. Health Benefits of Green Tea The advantages to drinking green tea seem endless, but a few standouts to consider include: Removing aging toxins and promoting glowing [read more…]

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Sep 052011

When a customer receives a drink from Starbucks it is your number one pit stop for coffees, teas, and desserts. It’s a triple combo all in one!  From their commitment to serving the highest quality coffee in the world, you are truly going to enjoy everything from that coffee bean smell to that first sip. DESSERTS Starbucks does have a gluten free dessert option. It’s called Valencia orange cake. This delicious gluten free cake has a moist, delicate, tender texture. It is a refreshingly light cake with blends of almonds and premium Valencia oranges. All of its ingredients include whole eggs, almond, [read more…]

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Jul 282011
Healthy Calendula in Tea and Desserts

Throughout northern Mediterranean countries, there is an orange or yellow-colored flower that grows. Also referred to as ‘marigold’ or ‘pot marigold,’ calendula has become a popular choice for tea drinkers, who consume the herbal blend for its taste and health benefits. In addition to providing a hot beverage, calendula is also used to add yellow coloring and flavor to foods, such as rice, soup, cereals, and even dessert. Calendula flowers are ideally picked as soon as they open during the summer. The young and tender leaves are good for salads because they possess a slightly peppery taste. To make calendula [read more…]

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Mar 202011
Twinings, Shaping Tea Traditions

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Twinings. About Twinings Since 1706, creating the perfect balance of flavor, taste, and aroma has been this company’s pride! During all these years, Twinings has introduced new tea trends and has helped millions of tea lovers find their favorite blend! It has brought families together and witnessed new family traditions. Blends & Flavors Twinings teas come in a variety of choices. Here are 10 of the most popular ones in no order whatsoever: Earl Grey Green & Camomile Green Tea Ultra Spice Chai English Breakfast Lemon Twist Mixed Berry Peppermint Organic Irish Breakfast French Vanilla [read more…]

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Feb 042011
Sip-t Tea Company

I was browsing the net the other day and I found this tea company called Sip-t. So I decided to feature them! Here is what I found out! Sip-t Tea Co. is owned by a mother/daughter team who hand craft artisan teas out of the finest available organic and fair trade ingredients forming delectable, unique teas with a focus on quality, the environment, and their community. Sip-T began from one recipe and now the pair boasts 15 unique and amazing teas that they hand produce in beautiful Bellingham, WA. Each tea begins with hand sourcing the ingredients, assuring each has [read more…]

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Oct 212010
What Are Tea Sticks?

When it comes to tea, you’re probably used to pouring a boiling pot of water over a teabag or using a gadget to steep whole leaves. However, a handful of companies are offering what they claim is an easier way to brew your favorite beverage. It’s called a tea stick and the invention strays from the traditional methods of brewing tea. Tea sticks are designed to withhold tannic acids from a cup of coffee. This means that you can enjoy a stronger cup of tea without the bitterness that comes with oversteeping a teabag. The delicate flavor of teas is [read more…]

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Aug 312010
Sanctuary T's Tea-Recipe Contest

Contest details: Until September 30th, Sanctuary T Shop will be hosting a tea-inspired recipe contest. Prize: The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Sanctuary T Shop and have their winning recipe featured on the Shop’s site. The runner up will win a free bottle of T-Dust Seasoning and a 2oz tin of tea of their choice. Full contest/submission details at: Good luck!

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Jul 302010
Peppermint Tea – A Minty Boost of Goodness

Hailing from the Mediterranean, peppermint leaves have a regal history, as they once decorated the brows of ancient Greek and Roman personalities. Over the years, the minty sensations of peppermint made its way into the drinking cups of people looking for a refreshing beverage. Today, the natural, caffeine-free taste of peppermint tea is a popular way for drinkers to relax or ease into their nighttime slumber. Peppermint Tea Blends The distinct flavor of peppermint tea creates an array of blends that satisfy tea drinkers seeking a light, aromatic beverage. Sometimes, peppermint tea brews strong and goes well with honeybush chocolate [read more…]

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