Sencha Naturals

About Sencha Naturals

Enlightening mouths since 2001, Sencha Naturals is a leading provider of green tea inspired foods. Based out of Los Angeles, Sencha’s all-natural line of gourmet Green Tea Mints & Green Tea Bars, all infused with natural green tea, are available at cafes, tea shops, natural & specialty food stores worldwide. All Sencha Natural products are certified vegan, gluten/wheat-free, and contain Organic Fair Trade certified green tea extract.

SEN CHA Green Tea Mints

Available in four distinct flavors, all SEN CHA Green Tea Mints are certified Fair Trade and provide the following traits:

3 Mints = 1 Cup of Green Tea
Three SEN CHA mints contain approximately 75 mg’s of polyphenols (EGCG), the active compound found in green tea with potent antioxidant properties.
Naturally Freshens Breath
Scientific evidence supports the claim that green tea inhibits bacteria. SEN CHA mints work at the source of bad breathe, unlike any other mints.
Sugar Free / Caffeine Free
SEN CHA mints are naturally sweetened with Lo Han Guo, a berry extract grown in Southern China. SEN CHA’s green tea extract is decaffeinated, and comes from organically grown, Fair Trade certified tea.
Gluten /Wheat Free
SEN CHA Mints are safe for those with Celiac disease or wheat allergies.
Certified Vegan
Each flavor of SEN CHA Mints is certified vegan by Vegan Action. 100% of the ingredients are plant-based, no animal products whatsoever.

Available Flavors:

green tea mintOriginal Green Tea Mints

The original green tea flavor that revitalizes the breath naturally

PearMintDelicate Pear Green Tea Mints

With fresh pear extract  for extra sweetness

lemonMintLively Lemongrass Green Tea Mints

A mixture of citrus, ginger and lemongrass zest

LycheeMintMorning Lychee Green Tea Mints

An invigorating blend of green tea, lychee, and coconut extracts

SEN CHA Green Tea Bars

Available in the four flavors as the mints, the SEN CHA green tea bars are certified kosher and provide the following traits:

1 Bar = 3 Cups of Green Tea
One SEN CHA Green Tea Bar contains approximately 225 mg’s of polyphenols (EGCG) – the active compound natural the green tea with potent antioxidant properties.
Made with Organic Ingredients
 All Natural, Vegan, Gluten & Dairy-free. All ingredients are non-genetically modified and organic when possible.
Certified Kosher
Certified kosher by the Kehilla Kosher organization of Los Angeles, ingredients & manufacturing process are in line with Jewish dietary laws.
Certified Vegan
Each flavor of SEN CHA Bars is certified vegan by Vegan Action. 100% of the ingredients are plant-based, no animal products whatsoever.

Available Flavors:

GTparGreen Tea Bars

Mixed with lightly roasted brown rice, antioxidant rich goji berries, nuts and seeds.

PbarDelicate Pear Tea Bars

The original bar with ripe pears, dates and prunes to extra sweetness.

FTbarLively Lemongrass Tea Bars

The original bar with fresh lemon peel and zesty ginger.

lycheebarMorning Lychee Tea Bars

The original bar with lychee fruit and coconut pieces.

Where to find Sencha Naturals

You can order Sencha Naturals online.

Or visit any of these nationwide retailers: Bristrol Farms, Ralph’s, Whole Foods, Tevana, CostPlus World Market, or The Vitamin Shoppee. Find the closest store with the Retail Finder.

Dessert in a Cup… of Tea!

Who would have known? You can have your cake, and drink it, too! Adagio Teas offer signature blends, that recreate some sweet treats, to give you what you need to feed your sweet tooth, without all the guilt. Here are a few of these ‘dessert’ teas they have to offer:


iconA #1 Chocolate Cupcake icon

If you love the smell and the taste of a chocolate cupcake, but don’t always have the time to whip up a batch, this tea is for you! Chocolate chip is the base of this tea with cream and vanilla tea swirled in. Its the best way to get some of the same flavors, but in a healthy cup of tea. So ‘sip back and enjoy!


A #1 Peach Cobbler icon

Peach cobbler is a popular dessert that is enjoyed by so many people. Peach tea provides a sweet fruity base with a swirl of cinnamon for spice and a hint of vanilla that acts as that vanilla ice cream flavor just to top it all off.


A #1 Raspberry Cheesecake icon

Raspberry Cheesecake  tea is a perfect way to enjoy the flavors you associate with cheesecake without the guilt, hassle or effort of making it!  A blend of cream, chocolate chip, and raspberry teas. Enjoy!

icon A Bite of Peach Pie Chai

Delicious peach flavor and aroma blended with the delicious spices of masala chai… smells and tastes like a freshly-baked spicy peach pie. Delicious hot with a splash of cream, or makes a refreshing peachy iced tea. Great gift to introduce someone to loose leaf teas.


Fresh Picked Berries’n’Cream

A refreshing blend of fruit teas with a touch of cream. This custom blended tea has  combined blueberry, raspberry, and and cream tea to create a tea that can be served hot or cold.


Birthday Tea

A treat for any day of the year! A tasty blend of vanilla, cream, and a touch of caramel. The inclusion of rainbow sugar sprinkles adds a festive note and makes this tea perfect for celebrating your special day.


Accidental Awesome

A delicate blend of chocolate and peppermint flavored teas with a hint of vanilla.  Makes a great after dinner tea!

A Chocolate Caramel Nightcap

Delicious, warming blend of chocolate, caramel, with a touch of rum. Just the thing to warm you on a chilly night. Smooth and sweet!! Chocolate black tea, caramel rooibos and rum tea. Yum!

All custom blend teas featured are $10 per 4oz, or $0.20 a cup.  For more varieties, please check out Adagio Teas.