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We featured Navitas Naturals in our Chocolate Manufacturers – Guide for Chocoholics.

navitas naturals
photo courtesy of Navitas Naturals

About Navitas Naturals

Since 2003, Navitas Naturals’ mission has been to provide premium organic power foods that increase energy and enhance health.  Their products are of the highest quality, sourced directly from farmers, and are cultivated sustainably and in accordance with fair trade practices. “We look to the past for inspiration,” says Adelman.  “Our products come from the wisdom of ancient cultures and their traditional use of plants for both culinary and medicinal purposes.” The company also supplies power food products as ingredients to other food and beverage companies.

About the products:

Navitas Naturals is making it easy for people to bring home the art of chocolate making with their innovative new Organic Superfood Chocolate Kits.  Available in three delicious organic superfood varieties – Goji Berry, Cacao Nib and Goldenberry – each of the fun and unique Kits creates 12 organic chocolates.
Navitas Naturals Organic Superfood Chocolate Kits are packed with antioxidants, and these healthy treats can be prepared in just minutes.  In addition to the Kit ingredients, the only other items needed to complete the easy recipe are a knife, a small bowl, a large bowl and an ice cube tray.  Each Organic Superfood Chocolate Kit contains raw: organic cacao butter, organic cacao powder, organic mesquite, organic lucuma, organic maca and the specific organic superfood which is featured in the chewy center of the chocolates (Goji Berry, Cacao nib, or Goldenberry).  “Raw cacao from Peru, goji berries from China, and goldenberries from Columbia are some of the most popular superfood items in the marketplace right now,” says Zach Adelman, President and founder of Navitas Naturals.

Navitas Naturals
photo courtesy of Navitas Naturals

Each of the organic superfoods featured in the Organic Superfood Chocolate Kits have been revered for centuries by indigenous people for their culinary and traditional medicinal uses, and now modern science is demonstrating their nutritional value.  For example, raw cacao is one of the best sources of antioxidants, the richest food source of magnesium, and offers a vast array of essential minerals and nutrients.  Goji berries are one of the highest known sources of antioxidants and they contain 18 amino acids and all essential amino acids.  Mesquite is of great value to diabetics because it contains fructose which does not require insulin to digest and it is also a good source of lysine (an amino acid), calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc.

In addition to the new Organic Superfood Chocolate Kits, Navitas Naturals offers a wide variety of organic superfoods from around the world, including green stevia, raw cacao, mesquite, lucuma, acai, yacon, mulberries, maca, camu camu, goldenberries, pomegranate, chia, flax, goji berries, hemp, raw cashews, a greens blend, and a line of Trail Power snack mix blends and Twister Power superfoods blends. 


Navitas Naturals products are widely available at hundreds of stores throughout the U.S. and Canada including Whole Foods Markets, and on many websites including  For more information, delicious recipes or to purchase, please visit