Fudge it!

Fudge. That very word has struck fear in my heart. Usually spoken late on a cold night, when the kids had been off from school because of snow, one of them would invariably ask for a ‘pot of fudge’.

Fudge at our house was rather involved. 3 cups of sugar, half a cup of cocoa, a tablespoon of white corn syrup and a cup of milk, cooked to soft ball stage, then beaten until I thought my arm would fall off [for some reason known only to my maternal grandmother, this step was only to be completed by hand, never with a mixer]. Then the whole mess was spread out on buttered wax paper, scored and you prayed to the Fudge Goddess that it didn’t set up grainy.

Now, there are all sorts of kits on the market for ‘home made fudge’. They’re not anywhere near like the real thing. I know. I’ve tried them.

There is hope, ladies and gentlemen. Chocolates will out, there is a new day dawning in the annals of fudgedom. And it is

drumroll please


This is sort of complicated. So I’ll type slow:

1. In a large microwave safe dish, put 12 ounces of chocolate chips

2. Heat on high for one minute. Stir. Continue until all the chips are melted.

3. Into the melted chocolate, stir one can of prepared creamy style [not whipped] frosting of whatever flavor. Stir well

4. At this point, you can make any additions: a cup of peanut butter, some chopped nuts, dried fruit. Most anything.

5. Spread it out onto a buttered surface [don’t try the non-stick aluminum foil. It works for cakes, not candy] and score the top lightly with a knife before it sets up.

There. That’s it. Five minutes and you have a perfect batch of fudge.

I usually make two batches. One I use milk chocolate chips and caramel/coconut/pecan frosting, and the other dark or bittersweet chips, dark chocolate frosting and add a cup of soy-nut butter because I’m allergic to peanuts. It’s also excellent using butterscotch chips and vanilla frosting, with chopped cashews or crushed pretzels.

This is a recipe to have fun with, something you send to your kid’s school, but only you know how easy it was to make.

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