Honey for Your Tea

For tea lovers, when it comes to enjoying a fresh tea, honey is one of the most common methods to sweeten your steaming cup of beverage bliss. However, the sticky sweetness is a magnet for messiness, which is why there are plenty of gadgets, kitchen tools, and decorative items that have evolved over the years for tea drinkers. If you’re unfamiliar with all that is available to you, consider the following ways to sweeten your tea with honey.

Honey Pots with Stirrers

When you’re entertaining family and friends with biscuits and a spot of tea, possessing a small honey pot with stirrer comes in handy. Honey pots not only cut down on the amount of mess made, but also add a decorative touch to your teatime spread. Oftentimes, these convenient containers are in the shape of a beehive, but not always. Creative honey pot designers have included Winnie the Pooh, Dutch windmills, and Easter eggs shapes.

Shatterproof Containers

If you’d like to lessen your chances of having a sticky mishap during teatime, avoid honey containers made out of glass and opt for shatterproof vessels. For example, Granja San Francisco Honey comes in a shatterproof beehive-shaped container, which conveniently pours from the bottom – no drips or leftover stickiness. This particular brand of premium honey is made and packaged in Spain. The bottle shown is of Granja San Francisco Rosemary and Lavender Honey, which has the added flavors of rosemary and lavender nectars.

Honey Sticks

Forgo the honey pot and the stirrer for honey sticks – perfect for individual use. Simply open the straw and stir the honey into your cup of tea. Today, honey sticks also come in a variety of flavors, including peach, amaretto, cinnamon, lemon, and mint. The compact size of the honey stick also makes an excellent travel companion for when you need an on-the-go sweetener.

Easy-to-Pour Bottles

Usually made out of plastic, choose easy-to-pour bottles that use a squeeze or squirt action to deliver a blast of honey to your cups of tea.

Honey Spoons

When you’d like the honey to simply drip or ooze into your cup, a honey spoon offers a unique (crooked) design comprised of stainless steel that balances on the edge of your teacup. There is another type of honey spoon to consider, as seen in the Tupelo Honey Flavoring Spoons – comprised of pure sweet honey that dissolves in about one minute from the end of a wooden stick.

Honey Dippers

Generally made out of wood and shaped like a beehive at the end of a long stick, a honey dipper is an inexpensive way to easily transfer honey from a jar to a cup. Some selections have been known to cost only $1.99.