Interview with Eileen Spitalny, Co-Founder of Fairytale Brownies

As you all know, I am a huge fan of Fairytale Brownies! I am honored and excited to publish a short interview with Mrs. Eileen Spitalny, a co-founder of Fairytale Brownies! The “Fairytale Brownies” story has been told many times and proves, once again, that you can still live the American Dream! You’ve been an inspiration to many, many people and your story touched many hearts. Could you please tell us what motivates you so much?

Mrs. Eileen Spitalny: I like people’s “happy brownies” stories. Our brownie gifts open doors for businesses that send Fairytale Brownies. On the personal side, our brownies connect families living a distance away. The brownie gifts even become a part of holiday traditions. If you were to start your business all over again, what would you do differently?

Mrs. Eileen Spitalny: Ask the bank for more money! We didn’t receive a paycheck for 3 years and it would have been nice to pay ourselves from the start instead of cashing in our 401Ks. What do you think the future holds for Fairytale Brownies?

Mrs. Eileen Spitalny: In addition to purchasing our products online, through our 800 number and at our bakery, we are very excited about venturing into wholesale. Our brownie gifts are available at every AJ’s Fine Foods grocery store in Arizona and several specialty shops and wineries throughout the state. We hope to be the brownie favorite at many gourmet retailers in the western region soon.


We have written about Fairytale Brownies before. Right now, we even have a Brownies Giveaway going on till April 11th –  courtesy of Fairytale Brownies. For a chance to win the Easter Bunny Love gift, submit your entry!

Or, to make a purchase, please visit

A big Thank You to Mrs. Eileen Spitalny and Mr. David Kravetz, the co-founders of Fairytale Brownies, for making our lives a little sweeter! And for sponsoring our delicious Giveaway! Here is my favorite video on Fairytale Brownies:

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  1. I can tell you, these are THE best brownies we have ever tasted! Eileen, you are doing EVERYTHING right! Your Brownies are FRESH, the packaging is beautiful, they arrive PRONTO! Fairytale Brownies are a DREAM come true!!
    Love THEM!

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