Interview with Shamima from Cupcake Land

Could you please tell us a little bit about you and your passion? How did it all start?

I am a mom of 2 boys and a girl. Ever since my children began school my time stretched out into long boredom filled hours and I was desperate to find something to occupy myself.

I have always harbored a love for baking. It was not until a few years ago a function having 3009744941_a8fc1d2a06_m crept up at my youngest sons school ,that I produced a batch of cupcakes like no other I have ever made. Moving away from the traditional look of slapping the icing on the cupcake ,my self-created pastel swirls were a big hit. The teachers ,children and parents were very impressed. No one seemed to see such unique swirls before.

My sister-in-law introduced me to Flickr 610916153_f10c2a0b42_m where I discovered a group of talented ladies who were kind enough to encourage and answer my questions.

My ignorance turning to curiosity, I began experimenting on my own. The pictures you see today are the consequences of my playing around with the little knowledge and supplies I have.

Your cakes and cupcakes look absolutely amazing! So simple but so very stylish gift cupcake at the same time. What inspires you?

The possibility of a successful outcome drives me to drastic lengths. The vision of the result begs for me to work harder. What I find most exciting is the challenge of an idea I dreamed up into a reality. I draw inspiration from beauty around me… most times I have no idea what to create and playing with the fondant the Almighty inspires an idea.

Cupcake Land Seeing the reaction of family and friends and the joy on their faces inspires me to create these little works of art.(All praises to the Almighty)

What’s your favorite ingredient and why?

I use the finest ingredients available here in South Africa, striving for quality and enhancing flavour and will not compromise…callebaut or lindt chocolate,Nomu Madagascan vanilla extract , Nomu cocoa. The ingredients are the roses cupcakefoundation of a good bake.

Contact. How can our readers get in touch with you? Can they order online?

Living in the South African countryside with the nearest city being a 45 min drive my situation does not allow me to create a thriving business. At the present it has to remain more as a hobby.


3342058490_d7d028b06a_m All the pictures in this post belong to Cupcakes Land and should not be re-posted without prior consent. To see more of Shamima’s gorgeous creations, please visit her Collection.

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  1. Shamima is a dear friend and a fantastic artist !!!! i love her work and she is always inspiring. With such beautiful work, she remains humble and encouraging to others who are learning. She deserves great success =)

  2. Hi Shamima,

    Your works are amazing, i would love to get in touch with u to learn some recipes. Hope u can be in favor to help me out. Kindly drop me an email. Thank u.. God bless!

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