Non Dairy Desserts: Part One

If you are allergic to dairy you may think that chocolate milk, milkshakes, ice cream sundaes and popsicles are gone forever. Well, I’m here to tell you to “chin up” there are many, many alternatives. Soy, rice, and almond come to the dairy lovers’ rescue.


The company Taste the Dream™ has a sweet, thick, creamy texture and taste. Silk is your chocolate soy milk and Blue Diamond is the chocolate almond milk options. One good shake of the container, pour it into a glass, and you won’t even remember it is not cows’ milk.


You can still have milkshakes, sundaes, and pops.  Here’s how you do it within your very own kitchen.

photo courtesy of Flying Toaster

Take an ice cream maker and place it in the freezer overnight. Then, the next day, take rice or soy chocolate milk along with plain almond milk and whip it together in a large bowl. Now just a little FYI, it might not get as creamy and thick looking as dairy.

Pour the thickened mixture into the frozen ice cream maker and let machine do the rest of the stirring for you. Once it has a velvety consistency, put it in the freezer and leave it for at least two hours. Depending on how soft or hard you prefer your ice cream.

Now, here’s how you make chocolate ice popsicles. Take any shaped container, pour the “mock” chocolate milk in and place it in the freezer for approximately two hours. Then, you have an icicle. You can even make a vanilla, chocolate mixture pop by adding in vanilla rice or almond milk.


I would try out any of these frozen treats even before the summer time rolled around. Believe me, they are that good!

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