Sunflower Cupcakes

Need a little something sweet to brighten up your day? What better way to put a smile on any face than a batch of colourful sunflower cupcakes!

This original recipe comes from a one of a kind book entitled Hello, Cupcake written by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson and are guaranteed not to disappoint. First of all, they are cupcakes — cake you can eat on the go — brilliant!  Secondly, they are absolutely adorable and surprisingly simple to craft.

sunflower cupcake
photo courtesy of Katie Stine

Here’s What You Need:

1 box of cupcake mix (flavour is entirely up to you; although vanilla is recommended)
2 cans of vanilla icing
Red M&Ms (that’s right, only the red ones, meaning the rest of the package is snacking material!)
Green food dye
Yellow/Orange food dye
A little bit of chocolate icing

Decorating Method Part I:

Bake the cupcakes by following the instructions on the package. Try to use green cupcake skirts – more commonly known as cupcake liners – to continue the garden-like look.

  1. Spoon a chunk out of the top of each cupcake and place an oreo in the space.
  2. Add green food dye to one can of vanilla icing. Using a leaf icing tip, make a series of green leaves around the edge of the cupcake. (TIP: To make leaves, hold icing tube at 45 degree angle, start in the middle and as you squeeze move to the outside, rippling the icing as you go.)
  3. Next add yellow food dye to the remaining can of icing. Using a fresh icing tube, paint on two layers of yellow petals, using the same method you did for the leaves, only making the petals wider and more triangular.
photo courtesy of cheftara1986

Decorating Method Part II:

  1. Break out the third icing tube and introduce the chocolate! Put a tiny dollop of chocolate icing on the spot you want your ladybug to sit. Place a red M&M on top of the dollop, making sure the telling white ‘M’ logo is facing down.
  2. Carefully paint on spots and lines to make your ladybug come to life.
  3. Allow cupcakes to sit overnight, so that the icing well and truly sets, and enjoy the next day!

To see exactly how these beautiful cheery cupcakes are made, check out Karen Tack’s interview on “GMA Now.”