Sweet Treats for Coffee Lovers

If you’re a coffee lover, it’s only natural to gravitate to desserts that offer a tasty jolt of caffeine. From hard candy to an oven full of espresso-laced cookies, consider the following suggestions when looking for sweet treats that please the coffee connoisseur in you.


From Triple Chocolate Espresso Cookies to adding a bit of espresso powder to your favorite recipes, don’t be afraid to slip into your apron and put your oven to good use. The Internet is swarming with cookie recipes that incorporate coffee as one of the ingredients. Other ideas include Espresso Brownies and coffee-flavored biscotti.

Hard Candy

Hard candies come in many different forms and flavors. Some melt in your mouth, while others soften in your hand. Looking for a few ideas?  Bali’s Best Coffee Candy offers flavors such as espresso and latte. Also, don’t forget to take a walk on the wild side and explore international delights, such as the Kasugai Sumiyaki Roasted Coffee Candy, which is very popular in Japan. Other types of hard candy may include coffee-flavored chocolate discs (similar to plain M&Ms) – encased in colored sugary shells.

Chocolate Candy

Consider satisfying your sweet tooth with chocolate bars offering added coffee flavor or beans. For example, Charles Chocolates (at Chocolate.com) makes a Mocha Java Baricon that combines mocha java pieces and 65% bittersweet chocolate. Other candy options include coffee-flavored truffles and coffee liqueur-filled chocolates.

Espresso Beans

Chocolate covered espresso beans are a popular sweet treat for coffee lovers, which come in many different varieties, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and even mint chocolate.

Coffee Spoons

Similar to the concept of honey spoons for tea drinkers, coffee spoons offer a little something extra for a regular cup of Joe. Butterscotch, mocha, chocolate, whiskey, and cocoa are just some of the flavors and ingredients a coffee spoon can add to your favorite beverage.

Dessert Coffees

Whether you add a hint of Irish Cream to your java or top with fresh whipped cream, it’s simple to enjoy a dessert coffee. Sometimes, it’s as easy as purchasing a bag of dessert-flavored coffee, such as Chocolate Fudge Brownie Coffee.