What Are Tea Sticks?

When it comes to tea, you’re probably used to pouring a boiling pot of water over a teabag or using a gadget to steep whole leaves. However, a handful of companies are offering what they claim is an easier way to brew your favorite beverage. It’s called a tea stick and the invention strays from the traditional methods of brewing tea.

Tea sticks are designed to withhold tannic acids from a cup of coffee. This means that you can enjoy a stronger cup of tea without the bitterness that comes with oversteeping a teabag. The delicate flavor of teas is preserved in a tea stick because they are constructed not to collapse and compress when in contact with water. Tea leaves can uncurl and release their flavor and antioxidants without the taste being affected.

Pre-packaged tea sticks are made out of aluminum foil with perforations that allow your tea to escape into a cup of hot water. You place the stick into the water and stir. The water is forced through the perforations and the brewing of tea leaves begins. Remove the stick when the desired strength is achieved.

Another tea stick option is typically made out of stainless steel. For example, the Blomus tea stick is the latest in tea infusers to hit the market. This particular brand is a brushed-finish stainless-steel strainer with plastic insert that you fill yourself with tea leaves.

Brands of Tea Sticks

  • Petit Tea
  • Ticolino
  • Gamila
  • Teaworth
  • Assamica

The Advantages of Tea Sticks

Tea sticks are easily portable. Toss a few in your purse, glove compartment or office desk, and all you have to do is add hot water.

Since you don’t need a whistling teakettle, strainer or stirrer to use a tea stick, fresh cups of tea are available at your fingertips anyway – at home, work, and when traveling.

From doing away with the soggy teabag to dripping tea from a strainer, tea sticks produce less mess.

The Disadvantages of Tea Sticks

Since tea sticks is a relatively new invention, the variety of flavors is limited. In order to enjoy a cup of your favorite blend, you might have to shop around different brands. In some cases, you may not find the flavor you seek.