Allergen Free Candy

Have you ever heard of a chocolate candy bar, that was not only gluten and dairy free, but sugar free too? Well, I’m here to tell you that there is one and it is called Endangered Species Chocolate.


All of these candy bars are sweetened with beet sugar and are made from dark cocoa. There are a variety and to name a few they include coffee, raspberry, mint, and supreme dark chocolate.


You can, of course, eat it piece by piece, but there are other ways to enjoy it too.

Photo courtesy of Endangered Species Chocolate Company

You can melt this candy in your microwave or even in a bowl over your stove. When it is all melted, you can reshape it and make holiday decorations. You can have designs like bunnies or eggs for Easter. Of course, depending on the holiday you can make a heart, a shamrock, or even a Christmas tree. Then, on an ordinary day, you shape smiley faces, stars, or balloons. This is actually a great activity to do with children.

Now, once you have the shape you desire place them into the refrigerator for a few hours, until they re-harden.

You also have the option of rolling the melted chocolate in a variety of fruits, such as bananas, apples, strawberries, or pineapples. Then, place the covered fruit in the re-fridge to harden and simply enjoy this sweet treat.

Lastly, you can leave the chocolate melted and have a fondue night!


Plus, with every purchase of candy you make, ten percent of the proceeds goes to support Endangered Species, habitat and humanity. Hence, the name of the candy company.

Chocolate Manufacturers – Guide for Chocoholics – Bloomsberry & Co.

We featured Bloomsberry & Co.  in our Chocolate Manufacturers – Guide for Chocoholics.

About Bloomsberry & Co.:

This chocolate company is based out of New Zealand, and since its creation, have used premium all natural chocolate.   Established in 2001 by graphic designer Giles Baker and wife Vanessa Kettelwell, a trained cook, Bloomsberry & Co.’s has been tantalizing tastebuds and seducing senses. Now this exotic designer chocolate, infused with a delectable sense of humor and superior ingredients, has come to America.

About the products:

160x600_bloomsberry_banner Bloomsberry & Co. produces fun chocolate bars, dark and milk chocolate, made from the cocoa from New Zealand.  The bars have unique and quirky designs, most with a sense of humor.

Milk Chocolate bars are 34% cocoa, and Dark Chocolate are 55% cocoa.

Bloomsberry & Co. groups its products into categories based on design.  All products come in either the milk chocolate or dark chocolate bars.  Right now the categories offered are as follows:

Climate Change Chocolate – 4 products are in this line to get people to think about their carbon footprint and make a change.

Halloween Collection – 6 designs are offered,  such as Broom Fuel, Next Full Moon, and the original Emergency Bar with pumpkin design.

1oz. Chocolate – Smaller portions (1oz.) of the Emergency Bar can be purchased in boxes of 24 bars.  Available in Milk and Dark bars, including the Milk Chocolate with pink Emergency Bar label.

Casino Collection – 3 products are offered, including the famous Las Vegas welcoming sign, casino chips with cards, and the King Size Me bar.

Romance Range – The largest product offering, with 14 designs. Chocolate bar labels include: Lusty, Oral Pleasure, World’s Greatest Pick Up Bar, and Instant Gratification.

Easter Collection – 7 products are offered, including Easter Hunt, Hear, See, Speak No Evil, and Do this Ears Make Me Look Fat? designs.

Mother’s Day – 10 products are offered all fit for Mother’s Day, including labels such as, Mother’s Little Helper, More Fabulous, and Chocolate Fit for a Queen.

Photo Courtesy of Bloomsberry & Co.

Location for Bloomsberry & Co. Products:

Bloomsberry & Co. can be found nationwide at Safeway, CostPlus World Market, and Beverages & More.  For more locations, check out Bloomsberry & Co.’s  store locator.

To view all the products offered by Bloomsberry & Co., check out the company’s online store to view all product offerings.