Sweet Inspiration – 8 Chocolate Easter Treat Ideas

When it comes to seasonal candy, chocolate is one of those must-haves for an Easter basket. Whether you take pleasure in nibbling on the ears of a sweet bunny or cracking open the goodies found inside of a filled egg, the following Easter treat ideas could become your new favorite obsession:

1. Flavorful Easter Bunnies – Exotic-flavored chocolate treats emerge during the Easter season for the more mature palate. Consider the solid chocolate creatures from Vosges-Haut Chocolates, which offers the Barcelona Bunny made with hickory-smoked almonds and gray sea salt, and the Toffee Bunny with butter toffee, pink Himalayan salt, and deep milk chocolate.

2. Eco-Friendly Easter Treats – Whether they abide by eco-friendly business practices or offer organic products, eco-conscious loved ones will enjoy the fact that you took the time to locate treats that fit into their lifestyle. For example, the certified organic Easter bunnies (Organic Chocolate Hopp’n Bunny) from Lake Champlain Chocolates are a real winner. Available in milk or dark chocolate, the planet-friendly rabbits are organic and free of preservatives. They come wrapped in a compostable cellophane bag tied with ribbon made from recycled plastic bottles.

3. Easter Bunny with Personality – Talk about personality…Christopher Norman Chocolates makes the Racer Bunny, which is a hand painted hollow rabbit that sits inside of a convertible.

4. Stylish Easter Bunny – Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue, this stylish Easter bunny is made out of rich milk chocolate with white chocolate accents. Wrapped in clear cellophane tied with a ribbon, the hollow bunny is hand-decorated and weighs 7.7 pounds. The Charbonnel et Walker Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny actually costs $370.

5. Decorative Springtime Chocolate Cups – Pastel colors and spring-related imagery are a common theme for Easter treats. You can use light blue, light purple, yellow, and light green to liven up a basket for loved ones. There are plenty of gourmet chocolate treats to consider. For example, Savorique offers the romantically decorated Spring Dark & White Chocolate Cups – dark chocolate and white chocolate cups made with a layer of salted butter caramel, handmade vanilla marshmallow and dark chocolate ganache. The outside is decorated with vintage flowers.

6. White Chocolate Bunny – Who says all Easter bunnies have to be brown? A white chocolate bunny makes a delightful addition to any Easter basket.

7. Miniature Easter Bunnies – Perfect for family and friends on a diet, choose the Easter treats that come in bite-sized portions. Cute and cuddly, Leonidas Belgian Chocolates creates a set of six hollow mini-bunnies in milk, dark and white chocolate. Each weighs 40 grams and is 3.25 inches tall.

8. Homemade Chocolate Bunny Lollipops – Pay a visit to the local crafts store and purchase an Easter-themed mold to make your own chocolate bunny lollipops.