Alter Eco’s Line of Fair Trade, Artisan-Quality Chocolate

We featured Alter Eco in our Chocolate Manufacturers – Guide for Chocoholics.

photo courtesy of Alter Eco

Alter Eco offers consumers everywhere a tasty opportunity to help provide farmers and communities in the global south with fair wages, direct trade and funding for community development, scholarships, women’s empowerment programs and more with a full line of Fair Trade Certified™ gourmet chocolate bars. The chocolate is crafted with passion by a master chocolatier in Switzerland and blended to perfection.

Alter Eco’s Fair Trade Certified chocolate bars are available in a variety of tantalizing flavors including:
• Dark Chocolate Velvet (hint of organic milk)
• Dark Chocolate Mint, Dark Chocolate Twist (with crystallized orange peel)
• Milk Chocolate Moka, Dark Chocolate Almond
• Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut
• Milk Chocolate Cajou (with raisins and cashews for a tender and crunchy texture).

Through small farmers’ dedication to safeguarding their cultural heritage and preserving their environment, the difference in Alter Eco’s Organic and Fair Trade Certified products can be tasted in its freshness and purity. By selling on Fair Trade terms, the farmers are able to invest in high-quality production, increase their incomes and improve their living standards. Alter Eco believes in providing consumers with delicious products that they need and love with an ethical integrity. Alter Eco has even gone as far as becoming Carbon Zero Certified by taking responsibility for their carbon emissions by replanting the rainforest!

dark-chocolate-mintThe Alter Eco range of Fair Trade products are of the highest quality, ensured by the care small farmers give to their land. Each product is cultivated using sustainable farming methods that preserve the local agricultural biodiversity including natural fertilizers are used both for economic reasons as well as a way to ensure good health for the farmers and they land they work on. The Alter Eco brand reflects diversity in the faces, shapes, colors, landscapes, traditions and cultures of the small farmers who cultivate them.

Each product has a unique story and an authentic fragrance that will take gourmet enthusiasts on a journey of discovery from the kitchen to the foothills of the Himalayas and beyond. Experience the decadent flavors of Alter Eco knowing that Alter Eco’s Fair Trade products are good for health, people, and the planet! For more information please visit their website.


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