Twinings, Shaping Tea Traditions

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Twinings.

About Twinings

Since 1706, creating the perfect balance of flavor, taste, and aroma has been this company’s pride! During all these years, Twinings has introduced new tea trends and has helped millions of tea lovers find their favorite blend! It has brought families together and witnessed new family traditions.

Blends & Flavors

Twinings teas come in a variety of choices. Here are 10 of the most popular ones in no order whatsoever:

Twinings Tea. Photo courtesy of vanceming

  1. Earl Grey
  2. Green & Camomile
  3. Green Tea
  4. Ultra Spice Chai
  5. English Breakfast
  6. Lemon Twist
  7. Mixed Berry
  8. Peppermint Organic
  9. Irish Breakfast
  10. French Vanilla Black Chai

Some flavors are available in decaf as well. Twinings teas come loose, in tea bags and K-cups (for Keurig Brewers). For a complete list of their blends, flavors and other products, please visit their website or the Twinings store on Amazon.

A Few Tips

  • For a milder  flavor, shorten the brewing time and for a stronger flavor, increase the brewing time.
  • You have the option of course, to add sugar and milk, but with these teas there are other choices. If you add lemon or orange juice to a cup of chamomile tea the flavor will be enhanced. Apple, cherry, grape, or even pomegranate juice compliments most of Twinings teas. Lastly, the alternative to regular milk can be rice, almond, or even soy. These three “mock milks” go perfectly with the English breakfast.
  • Keep your Twinings teas in an airtight container; this way they stay fresh for up to 3 years!

What Else Should I Know About Twinings?

  • Twinings teas are gluten free and are certified Kosher.
  • When served on its own, Twinings teas contain no fat and have no calories (unless you add milk, honey, sugar, etc).

Where to find Twinings

You can find Twinings teas all over the world! In the U.S. you’ll most likely find them at Whole Foods Market, Safeway, Costco, Stop & Shop, Barnes & Nobles cafe, and practically any vegan cafe or grocery store. If you cannot find Twinings at your local store, you can always visit their online store or the Twinings store on Amazon.

You can also find Twinings on Facebook!

Now, most individuals enjoy a good cup of Joe, Java, espresso,  cappuccino latte, etc…but never forget a simple cup of soothing tea. These teas are absolutely heavenly to wake up to and simultaneously, are extremely relaxing before bedtime. Try Twinings for yourself!

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Peppermint Tea – A Minty Boost of Goodness

Hailing from the Mediterranean, peppermint leaves have a regal history, as they once decorated the brows of ancient Greek and Roman personalities. Over the years, the minty sensations of peppermint made its way into the drinking cups of people looking for a refreshing beverage. Today, the natural, caffeine-free taste of peppermint tea is a popular way for drinkers to relax or ease into their nighttime slumber.

Peppermint Tea Blends

The distinct flavor of peppermint tea creates an array of blends that satisfy tea drinkers seeking a light, aromatic beverage. Sometimes, peppermint tea brews strong and goes well with honeybush chocolate or vanilla in order to tone down the flavor. Other peppermint tea combinations include Chocolate Peppermint (from Stash Teas), Ginger-Peppermint (Alvita Teas), Mint Medley (spearmint and peppermint blend from Bigelow), Organic Chai Peppermint (Uncle Lee’s Teas), and Lemon Peppermint (Bonkers Super Skinny Tea).

How to Make Fresh Peppermint Tea

Consumed hot or cold, peppermint tea is made by steeping the dried leaves of the plant in boiling water. If you have a garden, you’re in luck. Select a few worthy peppermint leaves from your plants and lay out on a tray in one large heap – placed in direct sunlight. Rip the leaves several times and spread the leaves out to dry in the sun for 24 hours or longer. The leaves are ready when they are dry and crunchy. Boil water and pour over about two tablespoons of dried peppermint leaves. Cover and let steep for 10 to 20 minutes. Add about five fresh bruised leaves the liquid, and then strain into your cup.

The Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea

In addition to providing a tasty experience, peppermint tea also delivers a host of health benefits to drinkers. Peppermint differs from other mints because it contains a volatile oil with healing properties. The tea offers the strength and advantages of menthol (a therapeutic component), as well as 40 other compounds. People often drink the tea after dinner because it aids in digestion and can curb acid reflux. Other benefits of peppermint tea include:

  • Treat cases of irritable bowel syndrome
  • Ease pangs of nausea and vomiting
  • Control flatulence
  • Dissolve gallstones
  • Help control mild cases of asthma
  • Fights stress and fatigue
  • Lessen the blow of herpes outbreaks
  • Battle bad breath
  • Control muscle aches and chronic pain
  • Break up congestion and relieve coughing associated with allergies and the common cold