How to Match Wines with Desserts

A full course meal ends with a delectable dessert that’s why it is important to serve something that will leave the palate satisfied. Usually, the dessert is paired with a glass of wine because they compliment each other. No wonder many people go to Walt Disney World between September and November so they can satisfy their sweet cravings. This is the time that the annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is held – where people can indulge in a superb selection of desserts paired with the perfect wine. However, after this event there are some people who are often left clueless when it comes to wine and dessert pairing. You don’t need to be a sommelier like the award-winning wine critic Robert Parker to know what kind of wine to match the dessert. Just read below for some tips on how you can do that:

photo courtesy of Tobias Lindman

Matching the Color

The color of the wine usually matches the color of the dessert. If you’re having red fruits as the main ingredients of your dessert, then it is advisable to choose red wines like the Cupcake Red Velvet 2011. The Bordeaux Merlot 2010, on the other hand, matches strawberry shortcake topped with berries. White wines don’t go well with citrus, tropical, and berry-flavored desserts so avoid purchasing that when throwing a tropical-themed party.

Read the Wine Description

When choosing a wine, make sure to read the ingredients or description to give you a clue as to what kind of desserts will match it. For example, M&S described Moscatel de Valencia 2012 as “a really refreshing sweet wine – pale lemon with the scent of green grapes and peaches and a luscious, ripe flavor.” Just by reading its description, you will get an idea that the Moscatel will go well with fruit desserts. Actually this sweet wine was commended at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2013.

These are just some basic tips on how you can get that perfect dessert and wine combination. Just remember to try out different wines to see what works for you best.

A Summertime Pleasure for the Over 21…

So you’re over 21 and you’re not getting any younger. Welcome to the club. Age is one of those dear facts of life with which we’re routinely slapped in the face. Remember though, being the lovely age of 35… 52… 76… or… 112, comes with a few perks. One of them, bestowed upon us by legislative dictum, grants us the privilege to imbibe spirits (just as long as we don’t go driving afterward).

There is a time and a place for spirits. For example, you’ve just finished moving gigantic heavy boxes, and you sit down on the stoop while your dry tongue just screams in your mouth for a cold, refreshing beer… or a margarita. Or, you’ve just enjoyed a light, delicious dinner on the veranda and you can’t fathom arising from the table without another wine spritzer. Now imagine… it’s a hot summer day, you’re lounging with your friends by the pool, and you have a craving for dessert… or a drink… or dessert… Well, really you want both dessert and a drink, but your butler’s on vacation, and putting out all that effort to get either of those two things seems completely ridiculous (especially in light of your intention to spend the entire day relaxing).

It’s a terrible thing to waste a magical summer’s day, so here’s a solution to hold you over until your butler returns. Try creating this refreshing drink and dessert all at the same time. It requires one box of red wine (quart size works well), and a freezer. That’s right, boxed red wine and a freezer. Seriously, try it. Take the box of red wine, put it in the freezer, and viola: you have created a delectable summertime dessert and drink in one – a wine popsicle.

To create a more esthetically pleasing version for company, pour the red wine into plastic popsicle molds and put them into the freezer. When mostly frozen, remove them from the mold and arrange on a platter with fresh berries and a sprig of fresh mint. For those who prefer to drink their dessert, I recommend breaking off bits of the frozen wine and dropping them into a glass of sparking fruit juice (or soda) in the flavor of your choice. Enjoy!