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Whether you dunk yours deep into a glass of milk or use crushed pieces to decorate a bowl of ice cream, an Oreo is one of those sweet treats that has a long cookie history. Thanks to Nabisco, they came up with the idea of placing crème filling in the middle of two chocolate disks. Over the years, the irresistible sweet has become one of the best selling of its kind in the market with the first Oreo cookie looking not much different than what we eat today.

Historical Highlights of the Oreo

It wasn’t until 1975 that a new version of the Oreo cookie was created. Enter the ever-famous Doublestuff Oreo, followed by fudge covered Oreos in 1987, and various holiday varieties throughout the 90s. Today, you can find Oreos in mint, strawberry, banana split, and fudge flavors. For the health-conscious – reduced-fat and sugar-free Oreos have also hit the market.

Oreo Desserts

When you’re looking for a way to incorporate Oreos into your dessert recipes, a couple of creative ideas include:

Oreo Cheesecake

If you’ve ever paid a visit to Cheesecake Factory, then you may have come across a slice of Oreo Cheesecake. However, you can add crushed Oreo cookies to your cheesecake filling at home before baking or seek out a recipe specifically for this type of dessert. When serving to guests, insert an Oreo on top.

Oreo Cookie Pie

If you like Tollhouse chocolate chip pie, then imagine a dessert that uses Oreos instead. Depending on your recipe, common ingredients include pudding (or ice cream) and whipped cream. Some recipes add extra ingredients, such as peanut butter and fudge to cookie pies. Before serving, garnish with a drizzle of hot fudge – especially for chocolate lovers.


Featured at county fairs and festivals, the deep-fried Oreo is a chocolaty novelty that rivals the deep-fried Twinkie. An at-home recipe may use pancake mix to form the batter that covers the Oreos before frying.

Other ways to use Oreos for your desserts include:

  • Adding crushed pieces to muffin and cupcake mixes
  • Opening the two halves and filling with vanilla ice cream
  • Blending with vanilla ice cream for an Oreo milkshake
  • Adding crushed pieces to cake frosting
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