Designer Glycerin Soaps for your Kitchen

I’d like to introduce you to this fabulous Designer Glycerin Soap, handmade with vegetable glycerin, coloring and fragrance oil. They make a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom during this fall season! I would recommend Orange-Clove and Peppermint designs but you can choose any of them!

About the Company: Magic Senses is an online supplier of one-of-a-kind handcrafted glycerin soap and other handcrafted bath and body products. Their Soap Collections cover a large array of fragrances and beautiful designs (over 55) that will definitely wow the person you love. Amongst other things they offer Soap Subscriptions and yummy smelling shea body butter!

About the products: Each bar of the designer glycerin soap is unique and has its own personality; being handcrafted and imperfect adds greater value and fascination. The eye appeal and beautiful scent make it an excellent choice for unique and special gifts. For more info, please visit their website at or Join them on Facebook!
Butterfly Soap Collection

Bittersweet Café Chocolatier Seneca Klassen to Present a “Chocolate Evening” of Botany and Chocolate History at San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers September 17

photo courtesy of Bittersweet

Seneca Klassen, chocolatier for the Bay Area’s three renowned Bittersweet Cafes, will share a mouth-watering evening discussing chocolate at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, September 17 from 6PM to 7:30PM.  Klassen will present the botany and cultural history of this compelling food, including a behind the scenes look at the Conservatory’s fruiting cacao tree and a special tasting of five of Klassen’s own Bittersweet Origins chocolate bars.  He will also discuss the importance of the post-harvesting process and quality finishing.
The talk and tasting are part of the Conservatory’s Edible Expeditions exhibition which runs through November 1.  Tickets to Klassen’s talk are available in advance for $20.
Klassen is the creator of Bittersweet Origins chocolate and makes the “bean-to-bar” chocolate in 50-pound micro-batches, making each bar unique.  He uses cacao beans from the Dominican Republic, Bali and Venezuela for his Bittersweet Origins chocolates and roasts and prepares the beans in Bittersweet’s Berkeley production facility. Klassen has spent this summer in Oahu, planting a 15-acre 7000-tree cacao plantation.
“Chocolate is such an amazing food – so delicious, so full of healthy nutrients.  It has a fascinating history and its growth and development from bean all the way to chocolate bar is really surprising and interesting,” Klassen says.  “I’m very happy and excited to share all of this at the beautiful Conservatory of Flowers.”
To register for this special evening, visit and click on Events or call 415-831-2039 for more information. Space is limited. Cost is $20 per person or $15 per person for Conservatory of Flowers Jungle Pass members.
About Bittersweet Café
Bittersweet Origins is a manufacturing and retailing company which creates craft chocolate and coffee in handmade, micro batches to engage the senses and the mind.  Bittersweet Café retail stores’ ambience and furnishings reflect the one-of-a-kind nature of its chocolate bars, chocolate drinks and coffees.  The warm and welcoming spaces furnished with unique tables, benches, carts and artwork from local craftspeople and artists create a gathering place for the community to savor locally made chocolate delicacies, coffee and tea.  The Bittersweet Cafes are located in San Francisco on Fillmore Street, College Avenue in Oakland and the Rose Garden Shopping Center in Danville.  For more information, visit or call   510-705-1860. Recipe Contest

Announcement from one of our readers:

“From August through February 1, 2010, is the place to win! Enter elegant recipes for Fillo and quick, easy Mini Fillo Shell recipes. Each week and each month, our professional judges will pick the two best recipes, one for Athens Fillo Dough and one for Athens Mini Fillo Shells. From the monthly winners the judges will select two first prize recipes and one grand prize recipe.

Weekly winners will be awarded $50 each, monthly winners, $120, one “Fan Favorite”, $600, two first prize winners will be awarded $1,500 each and the grand prize is $5,000!”

Back to Basics

Berries cream and flowers courtesy of Elle Moss

Chocolate caramel swirl mousse or double chocolate fudge cheesecake may sound delicious but, at the end of the meal, these desserts leave you with heavy bellies and droopy eyelids effectively dampening your hot summer nights. The sweet summer months deserve a different sort of dessert, one that entices you to reconcile body and mind with the miracles of mother nature, leaving you feeling healthy and light on your feet.

The succulent taste of nature’s fruits are unparalleled, not to mention the potentially immense health benefits that are hidden within the beautifully colored skins and juices of blueberries, cranberries, blackberries and pomegranates. I have yet to taste anything created by man that can rival the the sour, sweet, salty, and bitter flavors than can be found in even the smallest sized nature-made edibles. It’s time we appreciate these tiny miracles and enjoy them in their pure and natural form.

Try taking fresh blueberries (or other fresh fruit of your choice) and dropping them into a saucer of real cream. Eat them slowly with a spoon, and savor the sweet and sour of the blueberries mixing in with the sweet cream. The flavor burst is unbelievable and the texture is smooth. An added bonus is that children will go nuts for a simple dessert such as this, and you can feel good about offering your child an all natural dessert in two minutes flat.

Sometimes, it is the simplest of combinations that make the most delicious explosions in your mouth. For a sweet summer dessert that fulfills both your desire for sweet richness and your inevitable need to be able to get up and walk away from the table, try fresh blueberries and cream. Nothing beats pure and natural, so succumb to mother nature and taste the magic for yourself.

Mixing Media

Maple Bacon Doughnut Courtesy of Voodoo Doughnut

To many Americans, the idea of mixing dinner with breakfast, or mixing dessert with lunch, is stomach churning. America has traditional breakfast foods, such as, eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Lunch is generally served cold and comprised of sandwiches or other light fare. Dinner is meant to be heavy, satisfying, and hot. So, what happens when people rebel against our societal gastronomic norms? All kinds of yummy goodness.

Who can imagine mixing dessert with breakfast or dinner? Ever tried cheesecake eggs? Neither have I. How about spaghetti pancakes? Again, that’s a negative for me. Okay, so maybe not all rebellions are successful, wise, or… tasty. Some, however, certainly merit at least a sampling.

I shared dinner with a good friend recently, and as the meal drew to a close, she began scouring my kitchen in search of chocolate… delicious, creamy, irreplaceable chocolate. Unfortunately for her, all of the chocolate in my house is perfunctorily devoured upon discovery, and my unfortunate friend was left dreaming. She wasn’t dreaming about just any chocolate though. She is picky picky. She specifically craved… drum roll please… a bacon covered chocolate glazed doughnut. Bacon… covered… chocolate glazed …doughnut. Apparently, it’s what all the cool kids are eating these days. I looked at her aghast, still feeling bad that I had no plain milk chocolate morsels to offer, when she began sharing her recently acquired knowledge and taste for the slightly bizarre.

Apparently, most of us close-minded Americans have been stuck in a rut, eating our customary breakfast foods at breakfast, and dessert foods at dessert. Other, perhaps more enlightened individuals, however, have been embarking on culinary adventures in realms far away from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. I was offering to drive her to Krispy Kreme doughnuts, while she was dreaming of bacon covered doughnuts. Perhaps, she may have discovered relatively uncharted territory that deserves further exploration.

While my friend was kindly educating me on various potential exquisite flavor combinations, the TV was busy slamming it in my face. Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern was highlighting a doughnut joint named, “Voodoo Dougnut” in Portland, Oregon. This bakery explores many flavor combinations, including one they have named the “Arnold Palmer”, a cake doughnut covered with lemon and tea powder. They also offer bacon topped, maple glaze covered doughnuts. Another website my friend showed me offers chocolate covered bacon in both milk and dark chocolate, as well as other flavorful extraordinary possibilities.

So, for all you adventurous types looking to embark on an exploratory voyage in desserts, think about it, look at the pictures, read the reviews, and perhaps… take a leap off that cliff… and just… taste it. Then, come back and let us know what you think! Enjoy your adventure…

Blame it on the Summer

img_04543There is something about the summertime that makes me feel frisky. I yearn to be constantly outside basking in the warm sunshine, breathing in the fresh air, and listening to the birds chirp. Afternoons are properly spent with friends watching the world go by, on the beach, or lounging in front of the house in the driveway with the garage door open. Whichever activity chosen, however, hunger and thirst are guaranteed to quickly rear their ugly heads and the topic of conversation always becomes, “Who brought the snacks?”. Everyone looks at each other and there begins a series of “Not-It” style games because everyone’s hungry and thirsty, yet no one wants to be the one to who has to do anything about it.

The quickest fix for the unlucky individual designated “It”, is to offer a snack that satisfies both the hunger and the thirst urges, while still catering to the extravagant summertime cravings that afflict us. Desert Pepper Trading Co’s Mint Chocolate Frozen Bucket does exactly this. The extra special summer surprise for those over 21? You add alcohol. Oh yes. This is a make-in-your-own-freezer ice cream cocktail that is smooth, refreshing, and packs a punch. Every time you put the glass down you will instantly want to pick it back up, so trust me, save yourself the effort and just hold on to it.

img_04531The Mint Chocolate frozen cocktail has just the right hint of mint and chocolate that is tempered by an addicting, creamy sweetness. The alcohol pleasurably compliments the drink without overwhelming the luxurious flavor. The recipe recommends using vodka, however, we tried mixing it with white rum and the result was an exquisite summer evening treat. So, if you’re all grown up and still running after the neighborhood ice ream truck (ahem – like I did two days ago), try this instead. It’s a sure thing.

Win a Year’s Supply of Free Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream!

Today I’d like to announce the Don’t Dessert Pollinators Recipe Contest organized by

haagen-dazs ice cream
photo courtesy of petrvlk

Submit a recipe using at least one pollinated ingredient for a chance to win a night at the luxurious Haagen-Dazs “Sweet Suite” located at the Hotel Triton in San Francisco as well as a year’s supply of free Haagen-Dazs ice cream!

ENTRY DEADLINE: June 8, 2009


ELIGIBILTY: Simply send in an original dessert recipe that features pollinated ingredients such as chocolate, vanilla, cherries, almond, and strawberries. 

They are looking for a mouthwatering recipe which makes use of the bounty brought to us by pollinators.

Recipe submissions can be emailed to For more details, please visit

Winner will be announced during National Pollinator Week, June 22 – 29, 2009 on

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We are excited to announce that Fairytale Brownies will be featured on the Food Network show called “Unwrapped” on Monday, April 20! Don’t miss this episode about how all these yummy treats are being made and other “behind the scenes” little secrets.




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