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We featured Bittersweet in our Chocolate Manufacturers – Guide for Chocoholics.

roxy chocsmith
photo courtesy of Roxy Chocsmith

About Roxy Chocsmith

Roxy Chocsmith offers small batch, preservative free, high quality hand-made chocolate truffles to sweet tooths everywhere. 

About the products:

Deriving inspiration from desserts like cheescake, key lime pie, cookies ‘n cream, creme brulee – Roxy Chocsmith is a truly unique multi-layered chocolate experience.  They use fine white, dark, and milk chocolate in creating otheir sweet inspirations- because much like yourself, chocolate is many different things, but fabulous above all!

Their chocolate collection comprises many delicious flavors from salty, creamy to sweet or tangy. Here are some of our favorites:

Cookies’n cream Chocolate: Cookies- good, sweet cream-good.  Chopped bits of oreo cookie fleck the white chocolate center, which is then covered in a mixture of milk and semi-sweet and then rolled in crushed oreo cookies.  Chocolate with crunch.  It’s all good.

Chocolate Cheesecake: The  melding of chocolate with the inimitable zing of cheesecake. A semi sweet, creamy center with the slightest cheesecake tang, covered in graham cracker crumbs. It’s a bite sized dessert. Like eating a whole slice- but less than half the calories!

Orange Ginger Chocolate: Dark chocolate center infused with the perfect amount of orange, drenched in silky-smooth dark chocolate, and topped with a spicy slice of crystallized ginger.

The chocolate from Roxy Chocsmith makes the perfect gift for the chocoholic in your life or would be a perfect choice as a party favor. For more info on how to order, check out their website at