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We featured Vivani in our Chocolate Manufacturers – Guide for Chocoholics.

About Vivani Premium Organic Dark Chocolates

Chocolate. Tempting, seductive, irresistible, melt-in-the mouth-watering, creamy dark and delicious. Who wouldn’t go weak at the knees? Consumption of organic chocolate has also been rising. And if that’s a sin, it’s well worth paying for! Cocoa, the most important ingredient in chocolate, has been known to mankind since the fourth century BC. The Mayas and the Aztecs regarded the cocoa tree as holy. The drink of the Gods “Chocoatel” was made from its fruits. It was refined and improved through the centuries until it became what we know today as chocolate. Sugar was unknown in the early days, and flavorings like cinnamon and chili pepper were used instead.

vivani chocolate
photo courtesy of Vivani
Harvesting is still done by hand. The fruits of the cocoa tree are cut down and gathered by the farmers who cut them open with a sharp knife to get at the cocoa beans at the core. For many states in West Africa, Latin America and Asia, cocoa is one of the most important export commodities.

Fresh cocoa beans are white and covered in a sort of pulp. Their typical brown color is the result of special treatment. The beans are placed in layers between banana leaves where they ferment for between five and 10 days before being dried to preserve them for export. This process takes the edge off the bitterness and helps to develop the characteristic taste.

The owners of large plantations mostly make their profits from the use of excessive pesticides, to the detriment of the environment and the welfare of small farmers. Producing cocoa beans by organic methods is now helping many of the small farmers to stay in business. Vivani is also contributing to this development by ensuring that fair prices are paid for the raw materials they use. This not only helps small farmers to improve their living conditions, but also protects their health and environment.

vivani dark chocolate
photo courtesy of Vivani

All the ingredients in their organic chocolate are regularly tried and tested for their organic origins by independent controllers. Some of the production is still done by hand. In order to make chocolate, the cocoa beans are roasted approximately 20 minutes to improve their flavor. After the roasting has been completed, other ingredients like raw can sugar or milk are added. It goes without saying that all these ingredients come from organically controlled producers. The unprocessed chocolate, which is still very lumpy, is passed back and forth between rollers until the ingredients are a mere quarter of a millimeter in size. Organic products contain more cocoa than conventional chocolate. The reason for this is that Vivani dispenses with the emulsifier, lecithin, because this is often made from genetically modified soy beans. To compensate for this, more cocoa butter is used. This not only ensures that the ingredients mix well, but that they also melt better on the tongue.

Vivani is truly the Art of Chocolate.


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