Clearly Fresh Bags

Clearly Fresh Bags are a new product from Apio, Inc. In Spanish, this company’s name means Celery and that’s because they are a fresh vegetable company.

They have been growing/shipping fresh produce from Guadalupe, California since 1979 and are best known for their Eat Smart line of fresh cut vegetables found in grocery stores and club stores nationwide.

Apio has been using a technology called “BreatheWay” on their vegetable packages for well over 15 years as a way to help their products remain as fresh as possible while they travel throughout the United States.  After many years of positive feedback from consumers they are just now launching a retail application so that consumers can use these bags on ANY fresh fruits and vegetables that they’d like to last longer.

They have only one product to offer – and that’s their Clearly Fresh Bags but the innovative piece here is that they will help extend the fresh shelf life of fruits and vegetables NATURALLY. Using a technology commonly considered a ‘modified atmosphere’ technology – their BreatheWay membrane (the small white patch on each bag with their logo) offers a ‘window’ if you will, that allows a very specific amount of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen to enter and leave the package.  Thus fresh fruits and vegetables can create their own ideal atmosphere to preserve freshness.


These bags are currently selling for $3.99 per unit (a package of 10 bags) plus shipping.


Often fragile, fresh berries and seasonal fruit have very short shelf life making it a challenge to take advantage of fresh items from the farmers market, garden or local grocery store.  These bags should help provide an extra bit of time that may make for a little more culinary breathing room! Let us know how you like them!