Global Chocolate Phenomena Bursts Into the U.S.: Introducing All-Natural Bubble Chocolate®

Known as Aerated Chocolate Worldwide, All-Natural Bubble Chocolate® Makes Its Debut in the United States. A Chocolate Bar that’s Light, Airy, Satisfying and Delicious; It’s Bubbles Wrapped in Chocolate®

Bubble Chocolate® a new all-natural chocolate brand that brings the global phenomena of aerated chocolate to the United States has arrived and it’s now available at .
Using the finest European chocolate, Bubble Chocolate® is available in 2.82 ounce premium milk and dark chocolate bars. The MSRP is $2.49.
Bubble Chocolate

While the sensation will be new to most Americans, it will be a taste of home to the millions of international citizens living in the States. With an estimated one billion dollars in annual international aerated chocolate sales (Mintel, 2009), Bubble Chocolate® introduces chocolate lovers to the light, airy, and unique melt-in-your-mouth experience.
“This is a new Bubble Chocolate® that’s all natural and reformulated to introduce Americans to the aerated chocolate craze that has dominated international markets for decades,” says Frank Drab, president Bubble Chocolate®. “The timing is right to bring something new and exciting to the U.S. market. Americans will love it, the international community will be happy to have it and it will be a favorite among dieters who are looking for a satisfying, yet lower calorie chocolate fix.”
People on restricted calorie diets, tend to prefer this type of chocolate. The nature of the aerated process makes the bars lower in calories than a regular chocolate bar, and despite the lower calories, it does not compromise the overall taste experience. In fact, since Bubble Chocolate® literally melts in-your-mouth, the taste is more immediate and the burst of flavor tends to satisfy chocolate cravings sooner. As the company slogan states, it’s “Just the Right Amount of Chocolate®.”
Drab has partnered with Paul Pruett who will serve as CEO of Bubble Chocolate LLC.  Pruett also is CEO of Bloomsberry, Inc., a chocolate company known for its clever and sophisticated packaging. Prior to Bloomsberry, Inc., Pruett helped to build the ZonePerfect Nutrition Company from $1 million to more than $100 million in annual sales.
“Americans don’t realize what they’ve been missing and it’s an honor to introduce Bubble Chocolate® to the marketplace,” says Pruett.  “Bubble Chocolate® is delicious and satisfying and we expect it will help make the chocolate aisle more interesting.” 
“Creating Bubble Chocolate® is both an art and a science,” says Drab. “Our proprietary procedure infuses bubbles throughout the chocolate at just the right temperature. Then it’s molded and cooled so the bubbly structure remains inside while a smooth outer shell is formed.
Bubble Chocolate® looks like a regular chocolate bar, but the inside has tiny bubbles. The best way to enjoy Bubble Chocolate® is to start by breaking off a small piece and chewing it gently until it begins to melt. Your mouth will change from slightly dry to moist and creamy. This delightful transition occurs when your taste-bud receptors are drawn to the chocolate bubbles as it starts to melt.
For more information about Bubble Chocolate®, please visit the company website at