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So, you are on a gluten free diet? No worries! Not all desserts are made from wheat. There is actually a wide variety of gluten free options. Some companies include Larabars, Amy’s® Kitchen, and Enjoy Life®.


Larabars aren’t only gluten free, but sugar free, too. Now you might ask, how can that be a dessert? Well, in Italy, fruit and ricotta cheese is a traditional dessert. A Larabar is a blend of raw fruit, nuts and spices. There is a variety to choose from starting with ginger, coconut, cherry, lemon, key lime, to name a few.  Each bar has a shelf life of 12 months and contains one or more of the following nuts: cashews, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and pecans. This is one of those great “on the go” type of desserts or snack bars.

photo courtesy of Enjoy Life (R)


Then, the next option you have is a chocolate cake by Amy’s® Kitchen. It’s gluten free, non dairy, and a vegan friendly dessert. It’s made with organic cocoa powder and brown rice flour. You can eat this cake cold or warmed up with a cup of coffee. It is rich, smooth, and has a light texture that simply melts in your mouth. You can find this to be a little slice of heaven in Whole Foods Market or any health food store.


Enjoy Life® has quite a collection of delicious cake like cookies. They are all very soft and chewy. Some of the most popular ones include chocolate chip cookies, no-oats “oatmeal”® cookies, double chocolate brownie cookies, and gingerbread spice cookies. They are great for an old fashion milk dunking!


When you try any of the above listed desserts, you will feel like a kid back in the candy store all over again!

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  2 Responses to “Gluten Free Desserts”

  1. As a girl on the gluten-free diet, it seems difficult to come across sweet, savory, dessert treats that taste as good as those that aren’t gluten-free. After researching many websites and grocery stores who serve desserts, your blog only confirmed that the gluten-free community doesn’t have to abandon most people’s favorite meal – dessert! Thankfully, your “Gluten-Free Desserts” blogpost opened up my eyes, and I’m sure many more of those who have Celiac disease or who are gluten-free. Personally, I’m a chocolate lover, so your link to Amy’s Kitchen chocolate cake was a helpful find. Thanks for reassuring gluten-free participants to always have a sweet tooth!

  2. Thank you for your comment, Caitlin! Stay tuned for more! :)