Sweet Ideas for Pancakes

Pancakes, also called flapjacks, hotcakes, or griddlecakes, are best known as a popular breakfast food, but with a quick twist of ingredients and toppings – can easily transform into a tasty treat. A sweet batter is used to create the flatbread-like food that is typically cooked on a hot griddle or in a frying pan. In honor of National Pancake Month in February, consider the following sweet ideas for pancakes:

Blintz and Blinis

In Russia, Poland and Ukraine, their version of a pancake is called a blintz or blini. A typical recipe may call for jam, fruit, cottage cheese, or other cheeses rolled into a blintz, which is then lightly fried, sautéed or baked.


In the Netherlands, pancakes are called pannenkoeken, which come in a sweet variety. Slightly thicker than crepes, the pancakes are usually large – measuring 12 inches or more in diameter. An egg-based batter may use fillings, such as sliced apples, candied ginger, and cheese with a thick sugar molasses-like syrup called “stroop.”

photo courtesy of pzado

A crepe is a very thin pancake often associated with France that may include a variety of fillings. Wheat flour is a common ingredient used to make the sweet version of the dish, along with eggs, milk, butter, and a pinch of salt. There are many different variations, including the mille crepe, which is comprised of many layers of the thin pancakes. Crepe Suzette is made with lightly grated orange peel and liqueur (such as Grand Marnier). Cherry Kijafa crepes use a traditional crepe base, but are filled with cherries simmered in Kijafa wine sauce. Strawberries and whipped cream are popular toppings for crepes served in the United States.

Sugar and Spice

Add vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg to your pancake batter to create a sugar and spice combination.

Fruit Toppings

Strawberries, blueberries, and bananas are common fruit toppings for pancakes, but nearly any fruit can elevate the taste. Consider apples paired with a drizzle of caramel; strawberries and a scoop of strawberry ice cream; or peaches soaked in cinnamon sugar.


Substitute your maple syrup for honey as a pancake topping. Drizzle chopped nuts on top.


Whether you add chocolate chips to the batter, decorate as a topping, or drizzle chocolate sauce instead of syrup – chocolate is another fun way to enhance the taste of your pancakes.


You can add flavored yogurt to a pancake recipe to create a semi-thick, relatively moist texture.