Blackwell’s Organic + Giveaway – NOW CLOSED

Today I’d like to introduce you to Blackwell’s Organic! They make delicious gelatos and sorbettos that are “Better for your body, your soul and the planet ®”.

About the Company:
Founded in 2005 by Marcia & Tom Blackwell.  Tom is lactose intolerant and had been making these recipes at home for several years. Neither was happy with the non-dairy desserts on the market. They both wanted to create a product and a company that was a reflection of their personal values and their lifestyle. They live in a 100% solar powered home, organic garden and drive a Prius.

About the products:
Their delicious gelatos and sorbettos are certified organic, kosher and FairTrade.

The “Blackwell’s Organic” Difference:

  • Delicious flavors: A deep dark bittersweet chocolate gelato that is to die for.  A strawberry sorbet that tastes like strawberries fresh from the field.  They are all so incredibly delicious, you won’t even know they are better for you!

  • USDA Certified Organic and Star-K Kosher Certified: Their products are 100% Organic and Kosher– dairy-free, preservative free, gluten free and vegan. Nothing artificial! They are the perfect indulgence for the educated and health conscious consumer who is craving a delicious dessert that meets their health and dietary needs.

    Traditional Italian Dairy gelato is made with cow’s milk and contains less butterfat than traditional American ice cream. Gelato is usually at 2-4% butterfat and American style ice creams 10% to 18%. Blackwell’s Organic is made with soy milk which is cholesterol free and has much less fat than even traditional gelato. Only 2- 6 grams of fat per ½ cup serving.

  • Certified Fair Trade: Blackwell’s Organic is the only frozen dessert company that has FairTrade certified ingredients in every flavor. A Fair Trade Certified label on a product ensures consumers that a fair price was paid for the product, fair wages were paid to the workers producing the item, monies were invested in the communities in which the product was produced for vital projects such as schools and health clinics, and that the goods were produced in a sustainable manner; protecting both the workers and the environment.

Where to purchase: at Whole Foods in NY, NJ, PA, CT, KY, MD, OH, VA and Washington DC or via mail order at

To learn more about Blackwell’s Organic, please visit their Web site:


Blackwell’s Organic has generously donated 4 pints of gelato/sorbetto to be shipped to a winner anywhere in the continental USA via their website.

This giveaway is open to US residents only.

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The giveaway ends on Monday, March 15, 2010 at the end of day, Pacific Standard Time. Blackwell’s Organic will ship the prize.

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Raw Chocolate by Gnosis Chocolate

Gnosis Chocolate is handcrafted Chocolate using the finest 100% Organic raw ingredients.  Each bar is dairy, soy, refined sugar, cholesterol and gluten free. Created by a certified holistic health counselor, Gnosis Chocolate was created keeping the health, nutrition, and amazing qualities of chocolate as a nutrient-dense super-food maintained. High quality raw cacao beans are combined with various nuts, fruits, and medicinal herbs to create the various flavors offer.  Gnosis Chocolate is based in Astoria, NY were every bar is mixed, poured, and wrapped by hand. Gnosis Chocolate can also create create custom and private labels to personalized and have your chocolate  wrapped for any occasion: business, special day, or a much deserved gift to yourself!

Not only is Gnosis Chocolate conscious about its chocolate, its also dedicated to improving the plant as well. All Gnosis Chocolate products are made by hand, no machines, and all the ingredients are sourced sustainably.  The packing on the bars are 100% recycled and FSC certified, plus the labels are made from corn!  10% of the profits from Gnosis Chocolate are donated to The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.

All bars are 2 oz. A few of the flavors offered:



Ingredients:Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter, Agave Nectar, Vanilla Bean, Crystal Manna blue-green algae.

The essential chocolate bar.  Raw, organic cacao combined with Crystal Manna for mood and concentration enhancement. Vanilla beans are blend in Vanilla Bean for immune support. Making this bar  Simply Gnosis.

iconiconCashew Goji Berry

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter, Cashews, Goji Berries, Black Currants, Agave Nectar, Vanilla Bean, Crystal Manna blue-green algae.

A fusion of East and West whose taste and texture you’ll not forget. Soft-sweet goji berries gift their antioxidants, protein, and vitamins B6 and beta carotene for your beauty, and blood health. Rich in both protein and heart-healthy oleic acid, nuggets of raw, crunchy cashews nestled happily in-between.

iconiconCool Peppermint

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter, Agave Nectar, Fresh Peppermint Leaves, Vanilla Bean, Crystal Manna blue-green algae, Peppermint Essential Oil.

The Cool Peppermint gives you  fresh and clean in a bar. Containing chlorophyll,  a powerful anti-oxidant and tissue repairer, and peppermint, often called “the world’s oldest medicine”, which calms the stomach, and stimulates the body and mind.

iconiconLemon Berry Rose

Ingredients:Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter, Dried Strawberries, Goji Berries, Black Currants, Cherries, Almonds, Cashews, Agave Nectar, Freeze-Dried Strawberries, Rose Hips, Rose Petals, Camu Camu Berry, Passion Flower, Lemon Zest, Vanilla Bean, Crystal Manna, Lemon Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil.

Lemon Berry Rose’s ingredients support the immunity power of Vitamin C. Strawberries, goji berries, and cherries supply iron and a host of other benefits, while the Roses just make this a romantic and fragrant bar.

iconPomegranate Acai

Ingredients:Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter, Brazil Nuts, Black Currants, Agave Nectar, Barberries, Pomegranate Powder, Acai Powder, Crystal Manna, Vanilla Bean.

The Pomegranate Acai Bar combines the antioxidant protection of acai and pomegranate with the raw, organic cacao.

icon iconSuperChoc
Ingredients:Cacao beans, cacao butter, agave nectar, goji berries, raspberries, mesquite, maca root powder, Siberian ginseng powder, ashwaghanda powder, ginko biloba powder, gotu kola powder, burdock root powder, açai powder, crystal manna flakes, camu camu powder, vanilla bean, reishi mushroom powder, passionflower powder, rose hips, lavender flowers.

SuperChoc’s raw has a  mega combination of superfoods, superherbs, antioxidants, and adaptogens to send nourishment to the brain and healing tonics to the blood. Making this truly a Super Chocolate Bar!

Check out for more information on Gnosis Chocolate.

Sencha Naturals

About Sencha Naturals

Enlightening mouths since 2001, Sencha Naturals is a leading provider of green tea inspired foods. Based out of Los Angeles, Sencha’s all-natural line of gourmet Green Tea Mints & Green Tea Bars, all infused with natural green tea, are available at cafes, tea shops, natural & specialty food stores worldwide. All Sencha Natural products are certified vegan, gluten/wheat-free, and contain Organic Fair Trade certified green tea extract.

SEN CHA Green Tea Mints

Available in four distinct flavors, all SEN CHA Green Tea Mints are certified Fair Trade and provide the following traits:

3 Mints = 1 Cup of Green Tea
Three SEN CHA mints contain approximately 75 mg’s of polyphenols (EGCG), the active compound found in green tea with potent antioxidant properties.
Naturally Freshens Breath
Scientific evidence supports the claim that green tea inhibits bacteria. SEN CHA mints work at the source of bad breathe, unlike any other mints.
Sugar Free / Caffeine Free
SEN CHA mints are naturally sweetened with Lo Han Guo, a berry extract grown in Southern China. SEN CHA’s green tea extract is decaffeinated, and comes from organically grown, Fair Trade certified tea.
Gluten /Wheat Free
SEN CHA Mints are safe for those with Celiac disease or wheat allergies.
Certified Vegan
Each flavor of SEN CHA Mints is certified vegan by Vegan Action. 100% of the ingredients are plant-based, no animal products whatsoever.

Available Flavors:

green tea mintOriginal Green Tea Mints

The original green tea flavor that revitalizes the breath naturally

PearMintDelicate Pear Green Tea Mints

With fresh pear extract  for extra sweetness

lemonMintLively Lemongrass Green Tea Mints

A mixture of citrus, ginger and lemongrass zest

LycheeMintMorning Lychee Green Tea Mints

An invigorating blend of green tea, lychee, and coconut extracts

SEN CHA Green Tea Bars

Available in the four flavors as the mints, the SEN CHA green tea bars are certified kosher and provide the following traits:

1 Bar = 3 Cups of Green Tea
One SEN CHA Green Tea Bar contains approximately 225 mg’s of polyphenols (EGCG) – the active compound natural the green tea with potent antioxidant properties.
Made with Organic Ingredients
 All Natural, Vegan, Gluten & Dairy-free. All ingredients are non-genetically modified and organic when possible.
Certified Kosher
Certified kosher by the Kehilla Kosher organization of Los Angeles, ingredients & manufacturing process are in line with Jewish dietary laws.
Certified Vegan
Each flavor of SEN CHA Bars is certified vegan by Vegan Action. 100% of the ingredients are plant-based, no animal products whatsoever.

Available Flavors:

GTparGreen Tea Bars

Mixed with lightly roasted brown rice, antioxidant rich goji berries, nuts and seeds.

PbarDelicate Pear Tea Bars

The original bar with ripe pears, dates and prunes to extra sweetness.

FTbarLively Lemongrass Tea Bars

The original bar with fresh lemon peel and zesty ginger.

lycheebarMorning Lychee Tea Bars

The original bar with lychee fruit and coconut pieces.

Where to find Sencha Naturals

You can order Sencha Naturals online.

Or visit any of these nationwide retailers: Bristrol Farms, Ralph’s, Whole Foods, Tevana, CostPlus World Market, or The Vitamin Shoppee. Find the closest store with the Retail Finder.

Chocolate Manufacturers – Guide for Chocoholics – Bake Me A Wish!

We featured Bake Me A Wish! in our Chocolate Manufacturers – Guide for Chocoholics.

Bake Me  A Wish, cake, gourmet food, gift, overnight

Founded in 2004, Bake Me A Wish! is a premiere on-line bakery offering handmade cakes based on award-winning family recipes.  Perfected by master pastry chefs and using the freshest and most decadent ingredients available, the cakes are priced between $20 and $66,  including shipping.  The fresh and mouth-watering delights arrive beautifully packaged in a customized box with a personal note.

Bake Me A Wish!icon has unveiled its Holiday Gift Cakes 2009icon.  Now you can celebrate the season by sending delicious cakes to your family, friends, clients and colleagues!  All of the cakes are decorated with an imported Belgian chocolate plaque, a “season’s greetings” salutation and are specially packaged in an elegant gift box to guarantee freshness. For corporate clients, Bake Me A Wish includes a customized gift card with the company’s logo accompanied by a personal message of gratitude. Best of all, Bake Me A Wish!icon cakes are both kosher and certified by Chof-K, perfect for this holiday gift giving season.

Here a few of the Holiday Gift Cakes 2009 offered that are under $35:

iconCaramel Apple Crumb Cake

A moist golden cake layered with apples, cinnamon and topped with a layer of thick, delicious, tender streusel.

Then, a layer of creamy caramel is drizzled on top.

Serves 6-8 people (7” diameter)

Price: $29.99

iconCookies and Cream Cake

A moist and fudgy brownie cake topped with crunchy chocolate sandwich cookie pieces .

Topped with a festive drizzle of white chocolate.

Serves 6-8 people (7” diameter)

Price: $34.99

iconDouble Fudge Crunch

A moist and fudgy brownie cake enrobed with mouth-watering chocolate chip and cinnamon oat streusel, with ribbons of dark chocolate glaze.


Individual Serving (4” diameter)

Price: $15.00

To order your gourmet cake gift or to inquire about Bake Me A Wish’s corporate loyalty programs, please call 888-987-9474.

Chocolate Manufacturers – Guide for Chocoholics –

We featured in our Chocolate Manufacturers – Guide for Chocoholics.  Looking for that unique or hard to find chocolate? has what you are looking for.  From Sugar-Free, Kosher, Organic, or Fair Trade, to chocolate covered fruit and popcorn, has it all!

iconiconSweet Deceit Collection Sugar Free

A 15-pc. assortment of our Sugar-Free selections, including solids, truffles and nuts. Sweet Deceit is a blend of fine cacao beans, roasted with the same care and attention as our Choclatique cacao beans. We subtly sweeten Sweet Deceit chocolate with Maltitol. We encourage you to compare these Authentically American flavors with our Choclatique originals. You won’t believe they’re really sugar-free!

Price: $30.00

icon100 Percent Organic Chocolate Seeds

100% Organic Chocolate Seeds are cocoa beans covered in dark chocolate. Cocoa beans come from the seed pod of the chocolate tree. Yes, its the whole seed, and not a chocolate covered nib! You can really taste the origin of chocolate. 4oz bag by the Nahualli Trading Co.  The company started in Raleigh, NC and celebrated its second year in 2009. Raleigh, NC is located in the triangle a crossroad for fine organic heritage farming; plus, talented chefs who know their craft and can practice it for a knowledgeable community.

Price: $8.00

iconTruffles To Give 2 Tier Dark Chocolate And Mint

Share the experience of Coco-Zen with a special gift tin. Their large signature truffles are over 1oz each and come uniquely packaged in a 2-tier stainless steel tiffin (a traditional Indian “lunch box”), featuring Dark Chocolate Nirvana and Chocolate Mint Bliss. Give Coco-Zen to anyone, and nurture your chocolate karma. Remember…what goes around, comes around! All Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate.

Price: $35.00

iconSea Salt Caramel Collection

Dark chocolate caramels topped with an eclectic selection of sea salts from around the world.

The harmony produced when chocolate, caramel, and salt get together.

9 piece collection by Lula’s Chocolates, the new artisan chocolate company on the Monterey Peninsula in California.

Price: $13.00

iconChampagne Chocolates

These chocolates, made with an award winning California sparkling wine and fine dark chocolate, are consider by many to be the finest “Champagne Truffles” made. Each chocolate is individually hand-made to order. 12 pieces by Chocolate Visions. Chocolate Visions creates and produces extraordinary fine chocolates that are unique both in flavor and appearance. Each piece is either hand-dipped or hand-molded to order.

Price: $20.00

For more chocolate variety and to find out more information about the above mention chocolates, check out

Chocolate Gifts from