Wear Your Food

Beginning to contribute here, I knew I wanted to reach out to some people to let you know about. Lucky for me, Danielle from DanzDZynes on Etsy was so super sweet to let me give her a little mini-interview! When I say “super sweet,” I mean that in every sense of the phrase. She not only makes the cutest scented mini junk food jewelry at DanzDZynes, but also makes some of the most sinful edibles at her other shop, Cupcakes In Jars– I know, I’ve had them! They’re decadent!!

pb&jWhat gave you the idea to create little scented foodie jewelry?

“When my second daughter was about five years old I bought her a dollhouse kit to put together and surprise her for Christmas.  It was 4 feet high and took me from August to December to assemble.  I decided to make her some play food to put on the dolls’ dining room table.  These consisted of a plate of cookies, a bowl full of multicolored ’round things’, and a cake that I had made out of a soda bottle cap covered in polymer clay.  I made a chocolate cake covered with tiny cut up toothpick bits for nuts.  She loved it so much that she asked if she could wear it around her neck.  I set out trying to figure out how to string it up for her.  She wore it every single day and would always tell me how much she loved it and that it should smell like chocolate because it looks so real.  *light bulb*.  The rest is mini food history.”

What does your family think about your creations?

“Do I have to tell my husband?  lol… My kids have been great about coming up with ideas.  I hear a lot of “hey mommy, you should make….” and “can you make me….”  Sometimes when I have made them something they particularly liked for dinner my son will come to me afterwards and tell me that I should make that item into a charm.  I know my little ones really love them.  Many times bulk pieces go missing and I have caught Barbie and her friends hanging out in the dream house having a cupcake party.”
cupcakeWhat have you found to be the most popular item in your shop?

“That would be cupcake charms, hands down.”

Do you have any other “food hobbies”?

“I am ALL about food.  I sleep, breathe and, well…eat food.  I run a full-time cupcake and candy shop online as well as local wholesale.  I used to do cake decorating but unfortunately it is way too time consuming for me right now.  I hope to get back to it in the future.  It is one of my all-time favorite things to do.  I would love to be a pastry chef when I grow up.”

What was your favorite piece to make?

“I honestly love making every piece.  I especially love custom orders.  I have had many creative requests in the past (apple pie with cheese, pack of bubble gum, a Ramen soup ring, fried funnel cakes with hot fudge and powdered sugar to name a few).  I never ever tire of it.”

When it’s time for you to indulge yourself, what do you turn to? A favorite dessert?

“I am surrounded all day by sweet treats, so my indulgence is a nice big bowl of Kashi Island Vanilla cereal (only because I’m a rebel).  During the holidays, I do treat my family to chocolate covered cheesecake.  That is number 1-5 on my favorite desserts list.  :)”

From mac & cheese to peanut butter and jelly, from banana cake to Belgian waffles, if you don’t see what you’d like, you can always request a custom item from Danielle! Big thanks to Danielle for allowing me to interview her and for being such an awesome junk food jewelry chef!!

Photos property of Danielle @ DanzDZynes